I am a dual software and UX engineer from Atlanta, GA. I have many passions, from robotics to video games to card games and photography, but where I thrive is at the intersection of elegant interaction design & innovative software engineering. I don't just like to build things, I like to build things right - simple, intuitive, & innovative. To me, it is important to keep designs realistic in the constantly evolving space of end user's needs, software's abilities, & stakeholder's interests. I like to think beyond look and feel, and about the secondary aspects to user experience like reliability, efficency, and speed. I like to deliever a quality product - both from the user's perspective and the developer's perspective.

Academically, I am working on my Master's in Human Computer Interaction at the Georgia Institute of Technology, expecting to graduate in May 2016. I also receieved my Bachelor's in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2011.

Professionally, I have been working as a software engineer at CareerBuilder.com since 2011. There, I have developed and helped architect numerous key projects, from moving the CB platform to a single job application process, to the creation of a job and requisition api, and the development of a shared platform for taking CB's niche and international websites into the cloud.

I do a lot. A lot. Programming, design work, and photography. I do it because I am passionate. I tinker, and I do it frequently. I have an eagerness for staying on top of technology and current trends.

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