eBook Instructor Dashboard

My Master’s Project at Georgia Tech, this eBook Instructor Dashboard helps course instructors follow their students’ progress and identify the sections and exercises students are struggling with. I pulled the project through all stages of the design process. Through interviews and surveys, I collected data from course instructors on their needs. From those findings, I developed use cases, prioritized important features, then created a progressive series of low-fidelity to high-fidelity prototypes, solicitating feedback each step of the way. I then implemented the design on top of the Runestone interactive eBook platform, where I went on to analyize the effectiveness of the dashboard through one-on-one usability evaluations and create recommendations for future improvements.

Developed ontop of Runestone Interactive, a platform for developing eBooks, through the Contextualized Support for Learning Lab at Georgia Tech. The Dashboard is developed in python and javascript..

User Research

I sent out a survey to gather input and conducted informal interviews with instructors early on. I gathered their thoughts on other similiar student progress tracking tools, such as Moodle, Coding Bat, and Desire2Learn. I was interested in both where these tools lacked and where they exceeded. Additionally, I learned what features instructors valued. I presented instructors with early versions of paper and low-fidelity black-and-white prototypes.


I progressed through a series of low-fidelity to high-fidelity prototypes before implementing a final version. At each step along the way, I gathered input from stakeholders and course instructors, taking into consideration their feedback. These started out as paper prototypes, which were then converted into black and white digital prototypes, then an interactive color prototype, and then the final implementation.

Early Prototypes

Dashboard Overview Page showing aggregate class data.

Student Report Page showing individual student data.

Usability Evaluation

In Progress