Up Stream

Created to demonstrate several novel interaction techniques, Up Stream is a row boat racing game where two players must cooperatively assist one another to race their boat around a lake as fast as possible. Using concepts from the field of Single Display Groupware, Up Stream is an example of Single Display Group Playware. Our game attempts to overcome several common hurdles in Single Display Groupware, including issues of hardware support, conflicting action, shared user interface, and shared feedback. We utilized the EA Pathfinder API to overcome the hardware support issues for multiple controllers. We implemented an intuitive interface that provides players with input and feedback loop.

Our game focused on two key ideas: tandem navigation and dependent action. We also showcase these ideas under two unique player contexts: synergy (where both players assume the same role) and complementarity (where each player takes on a different role). Tandem navigation is the concept that both players have to coordinate and cooperate to successfully navigate their boat. Dependent action is the concept that each player’s actions effect and are affected by other player’s actions. To demonstrate synergy, each player controls a paddle, and the speed at which they paddle influence the directional heading of the boat. In the complementarity case, one player controls both oars, and the other takes on the navigator role controlling the rudder on the back of the boat.

Developed on Unity, scripted in C#, NodeJS, HTML, and jQuery. Developed by Rachel Sheketoff and Matt Moldavan.

Controller Design

Game Play Design

Gameplay Video